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Range of services

Competence in precision surface finishing

When it comes to precision grinding, lapping and polishing, you’re in good hands with us. We machine workpieces in a wide variety of materials and in a wide range of shapes and sizes with high accuracy and precision. High-performance measurement and programming systems support the audited and certified methods and processes. Thanks to ultra-modern and flexible organisation, job order production of individual parts and small batches is just as efficient as large-scale production in the automotive industry.

Our services:

  • Taking on your precision surface finishing jobs in flat honing, precision grinding, lapping, polishing and brush deburring
  • Machining sample parts, process and technology development
  • Developing series processes

  • Covering your production peaks

Our production site is designed for:

  • Mass production

  • Small batches and individual parts
  • Prototypes


Range of services - FLP Microfinishing Range of services - FLP Microfinishing Range of services - FLP Microfinishing


„A customised solution – that’s our commitment and our daily challenge in micro cutting.“

Dirk Vogelsang - FLP Microfinishing

Dirk Vogelsang,
Head of Commissioned Work