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    Crevoisier C440

    3D machining for complex geometric shapes
    FLP has also incorporated precision surface finishing for complex geometric shapes into the range of services. The Crevoisier® C440 grinding and finishing machine has 6 CNC-controlled axes, of which 5 can interpolate at the same time. Post-processing for the 6th side is possible, as is outfitting with up to 23 tools. The speed range is between 200 and 50,000 min-1. Thanks to the solid construction, even hard materials such as ceramic, carbide materials and sapphire, as well as sintered metal, alloys and titanium, can be turned, milled, drilled, engraved, satin-finished and polished. SFP 440, workshop programming, is 100% compatible with the C480 machine programs and the tools.

    More information about this machine: www.crevoisier.ch/en/products/grinding-and-finishing-center-c440-16.html

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