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    Welcome to FLP Microfinishing GmbH - Your expert for precision grinding, lapping and polishing

    Machine relocation

    Precision grinding, lapping and polishing machines or even complete production lines sometimes need to be relocated or moved for various reasons.

    We have the experience and the know-how to reliably carry out this undertaking for all brands. We carry out system relocations worldwide – from individual machines through to complete production lines.

    We take on the tasks from project management through logistics and transportation to commissioning and the test run for all manufacturers and all types.

    SPM and maintenance

    Scheduled preventive maintenance (SPM)

    The more expensive the machine, the more expensive a breakdown is. That’s why scheduled preventive maintenance (SPM) is becoming ever more important.
    We offer our customers maintenance contracts for all machines available on the market. Machines and systems for precision grinding, lapping and polishing processes are maintained by specially trained FLP staff based on jointly defined maintenance and servicing intervals.

    The SPM includes:

    • Preventive maintenance
    • Media changes
    • Repairs/troubleshooting
    • Replacement of wear parts
    • Small servicing repairs

    We also offer our customers service contracts for all machines available on the market. An experienced team of service technicians and mechatronics engineers with experience of old and new control systems – including CNC control systems – stands ready with its mobile services for rapid and widespread deployment. Depending on the task and the extent of the technical fault, these deployments occur within between 24 and 72 hours or by arrangement. Here, technical conversions of systems or alterations to machines can be instructed and implemented through delivery or provision of new tools, components or assemblies.

    Commissioning and instruction

    Once your machine has arrived at the plant, you can decide freely: commission the machine yourself or we’ll do in as per the installation costs guideline. This is invoiced as a fixed amount or at cost. However you want. Our service team comes to you, carries out final installation, commissions the machine, tests the functionality of the system, carries out the test run and instructs your employees in the functions of the machine.

    In addition to installation and commissioning, our service offering also includes maintenance and repair, as well as technical support.

    Technology seminar

    Building on the seminar components from the basic and advanced seminars, this seminar deals specifically with the company’s technology and/or, in the event of individual booking by a company, with the machines, processes and consumables used there.

    The main objective of the seminar is to achieve process and cost optimisation for the existing customer technology. This always entails an increase in the customer’s know-how. The participants are trained in accordance with the current state of modern technologies, machines and process information in a multi-day event. With our know-how, garnered over 20 years, we support you in practice in our in-house professional centre in Zörbig or on your own systems at your premises. The seminar pays for itself in just a short period of time thanks to significant optimisation of the process results.

    3-day technology course; incl. training documents and process optimisation data

    Advanced seminar

    Advanced seminar – Precision grinding, flat honing

    Building on the existing knowledge of lapping technology, precision grinding and flat honing technologies with SIC and corundum tools with a fixed grain, as well as with superabrasive diamond and CBN discs, are explained.
 The basic building blocks of the technologies are established here in order to give the user the tools to better control the processes later and to have a direct impact on the susceptibility to cracking and the wear on the expensive tools. The machine types, their set-up and possibilities and how to work with various measurement systems is simulated using concrete examples. As a multi-day event, the course is split into a theoretical seminar component and a practical seminar component which takes place in our in-house commissioned work centre.

    2-day advanced course; incl. training documents and individual working documents

    Basic seminar

    Basic seminar – Lapping and polishing crash course

    As a technology driver and developer in lapping and polishing, we have been offering a variety of seminars on this generally little-known but actually very prevalent application in precision and microfinishing for many years. Customers have the option of choosing from three categories, depending on their existing level of knowledge.

    Basic knowledge of the lapping and polishing processes.

    Theoretical processes and the basics of the technologies are explained in detail and illustrated using practical examples. Motions in the microgap and realistic results of the choice of tool and the implications of tool settings and tool defects are explained. Preventive error corrections for one-sided machining processes for all machine types available on the market establish a valuable reference for the user. As a multi-day event, the course is split into a theoretical seminar component and a practical seminar component which takes place in our in-house commissioned work centre.

    2-day basic course; incl. training documents and checklists for recurring work