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    Basic seminar

    Basic seminar – Lapping and polishing crash course

    As a technology driver and developer in lapping and polishing, we have been offering a variety of seminars on this generally little-known but actually very prevalent application in precision and microfinishing for many years. Customers have the option of choosing from three categories, depending on their existing level of knowledge.

    Basic knowledge of the lapping and polishing processes.

    Theoretical processes and the basics of the technologies are explained in detail and illustrated using practical examples. Motions in the microgap and realistic results of the choice of tool and the implications of tool settings and tool defects are explained. Preventive error corrections for one-sided machining processes for all machine types available on the market establish a valuable reference for the user. As a multi-day event, the course is split into a theoretical seminar component and a practical seminar component which takes place in our in-house commissioned work centre.

    2-day basic course; incl. training documents and checklists for recurring work