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    Welcome to FLP Microfinishing GmbH - Your expert for precision grinding, lapping and polishing

    About us

    System solutions in one place

    FLP Microfinishing numbers among the leading manufacturers of precision grinding, lapping and polishing machines in Europe. In addition to the automotive industry, the broad range of applications also includes aerospace technology and mechanical and medical apparatus engineering.

    As a systems provider for complex precision surface finishing, FLP Microfinishing is the only company in Germany to offer the full range of products for the industrial precision grinding, lapping and polishing of flat surfaces all in one place.

    Special machines for planar and plan-parallel machining of components in micro and nanomachining are a highlight. In addition to mechanical engineering, FLP Microfinishing also specialises in commissioned work on high-precision surfaces and the (whole)sale of consumables in the service sector.

    For us, experience from commissioned work flows into the development of new machines. We seek the best possible solution on behalf of our customers. And we qualify our customers to tread new paths, install new processes. Our innovation is your future.

    Ein FLP Microfinishing GmbH Mitarbeiter an einer Maschine
    Source: MZ, Wolfgang Zerfass
    Geschäftsführer der FLP Microfinishing GmbH Thomas Rehfeldt
    Source: FLP Microfinishing

    Ein Mitarbeiter der FLP Microfinishing GmbH an einer Maschine
    Source: MZ, Wolfgang Zerfass