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Machines refitted for a specific purpose

Regardless of the type and size of your precision grinding, flat honing, lapping or polishing machine, we take on refits for a specific purpose and partial refits geared towards the process and technology. This includes the following, for example

  • Replacement of assemblies for which spare parts are no longer available
  • Retrofitting of automation technology such as programmable logic controllers
  • Replacement of materials with harder-wearing materials such as stainless steel
  • Use of frequency converters on electrical drives to increase efficiency (energy-saving).

We always have second-hand machines on offer.

Second-hand machines offer you a cost-effective alternative to a new machine. The range stretches from single-disc machines, through twin-disc machines to fully automated surface processing machines from a wide range of manufacturers. In most cases, these machines are then refitted for a specific purpose, partially refitted or given a general overhaul according to the customer’s requirements.