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    Refurbishing of machines

    The comprehensive modernisation of existing systems is called retrofitting. Replacement of old components and optimisation to the contemporary state of development technology can be a economically viable alternative to new machines.
    Regardless of the type and size of your precision grinding, flat honing, lapping or polishing machine, we take on overhauls, geared towards the process and technology. This includes the following, for example

    • Replacement of assemblies for which spare parts are no longer available
    • Retrofitting of automation technology such as programmable logic controllers
    • Replacement of materials with harder-wearing materials such as stainless steel
    • Use of new frequency converters and drives to increase efficiency (energy-saving).

    The benefits of an overhaul are

    • Improvement of the quality of the workpieces machined
    • Reliable cmk and cpk values for SPC-controlled processes
    • Increase in machine productivity
    • Use of PLC with integrated measurement control
    • Graphic display on the touchscreen with easier operation
    • Increase in efficiency through the use of loading and unloading areas
    • Manual automatic loading system with cycle control
    • Cost savings of up to 40% in comparison with a new purchase and shorter delivery times in comparison with new machines.

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